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“A pathway into the construction industry”

December 15, 2022

Last year, we met Belul Mesfin, who joined the team building Brent Cross Town after undertaking a work placement with construction company, Galldris.  A year later we caught up with Belul to see how she has been getting on. Read on to find out more about Belul, her role in transforming the Brent Cross and Cricklewood area, and how we are encouraging more women into construction.

From starting as a Graduate Construction Manager, in June 2021, Belul has recently been promoted to Assistant Construction Manager with Galldris, who are specialists in groundworks, basements, piling and rail services. Ground working is an important part of the project, laying the foundations for what will become new homes in the future at Brent Cross Town, as well as the new Claremont Park. In her new role, Belul ’s daily activities include ensuring the right number of the workforce are allocated to each workplace, developing monthly reports that capture project and finance progress, and ensuring a high standard of work is delivered.

Recently Belul’s duties have extended to project managing an area of groundwork which she describes has been “a huge step in her career”.

Although Belul completed a Masters in Construction and Engineering Management, she explains that she has learnt so much more in practice through her position with Galldris. “In this last year I have not only put my knowledge into practice, but I have learnt a whole new set of skills that I would have not been exposed to without this role, everyday there is something new I pick up and get involved with”.

When discussing the transformation project, Belul explains how rewarding it is for her to see the impact of their work contribute to creating a space for the community. “Claremont Park opening for me was incredible, seeing it develop from an empty space where we were visualising where the pond will be and the playground, to now it being an important community space is great. It’s like bringing drawings to life.”

Belul openly shares with us how amazing her experience has been as a woman and working mother in the construction field. “At first, I thought I would be intimidated but it has been the complete opposite. For me, I would like to see more women enter the construction sector and feel empowered to do so as there are plenty of roles and skills to be shared”.

From ground workers to senior colleagues, Belul expresses how supportive colleagues are which motivates her to continue progressing and work harder.

When asked what advice you would give to a new starter, or someone thinking of applying for an apprenticeship for the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration programme; Belul advises “groups like Women Into Construction are a great start as they have useful connections. More companies are realising the importance of having a diverse workforce and offering placements. There is a good investment coming out of having women and the value they bring to the industry. More opportunities and chances to grow and upskill yourself are out there.”

Placements like Belul’s are just one of the ways the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration programme offers opportunities to people from a range of backgrounds and through different routes.

This includes apprenticeships, Kickstarter roles, and supporting good causes in the community. You can read more about opportunities with the programme on our dedicated page here.