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Project History

The following timeline outlines the key Planning milestones for transforming the area, including planning proposals submitted and approved to date.

The comprehensive regeneration of Brent Cross is being delivered in three parts: Brent Cross Town (formerly known as Brent Cross South), Brent Cross West station and Brent Cross North (now known as Brent Cross London).


Brent Cross Cricklewood received outline planning consent from Barnet Council (ref. C/17559/08).

JULY 2014

The planning consent was revised under S73
(ref. F/04687/13).


Barnet Council and Argent Related formed a joint venture, the Brent Cross South Limited Partnership, to develop Brent Cross South.

MAY 2017

The detailed planning application was submitted for the shopping centre, Brent Cross North, following public consultation in Nov / Dec 2016.

Submission of the Brent Cross Thameslink rephasing application to bring forward delivery of the station from 2031 to 2022.

JUNE 2017

Consultation held on designs for the new station, Waste Transfer Station and Rail Freight Facility.

JULY 2017

Consultation held on the first buildings for Brent Cross South development, including replacement homes for Whitefield Estate residents.


Detailed planning consent was granted for Brent Cross North.

JULY 2018

Hammerson and Aberdeen Standard temporarily deferred the start on site for the development for Brent Cross North.

JULY 2019

Planning permission was granted for the rephasing of key infrastructure work from the shopping centre to Barnet Council to ensure that the southern part of the development wasn’t held up by delays to Brent Cross North. (reference 19/2070/CON)


Brent Cross West submitted their detailed planning application (RMA) to Barnet Council (ref 19/6256/RMA)