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Plots 53 and 54 are located on Brent Terrace, Cricklewood, NW2. Brent Terrace is a cul-de-sac of residential properties located between Claremont open space and the railway sidings forming part of the Cricklewood depot. The development will be placed between Brent Terrace and Clitterhouse Crescent. Forty-seven homes will be built with 30 homes on plot 53 and a further 17 homes on plot 54.

A range of two, three, and four bedroom homes will be built throughout the development. Thirty of the homes will be for secure tenants of Whitefield Estate and sixteen will be resident leaseholders who wish to enter shared equity ownership with L&Q.

The height of the building will be ground floor plus two storeys. There will between 42-47 parking bays which is roughly one new space for each of the homes. The hedgerow that will be removed to allow for construction will be replaced once the buildings are nearly finished. There will also be a doorstep play area for everyone to use.

Since L&Q was appointed to build the new homes on plot 53 and 54 in October 2018, a detailed design period has begun. Planning permission for the new homes was granted in 2014 and L&Q’s design and technical team are now finalising all the details within the homes and exactly how the buildings will be constructed.

Plot-53-54-overview Plot-53-54-street Plot-53-54-homes

Work schedule

Survey works

Drainage surveys will be carried out within the Brent Terrace road area the weekend of 26 September and may possibly run into the weekend of 3 October.

The purpose of the survey is to check the condition of the existing drainage system before  construction works begin. There will therefore be a team working within the road itself lifting the existing manholes throughout Brent Terrace. Whilst the operatives are working in this area traffic marshals will be in place to assist with traffic.

Contractors: L&Q

Construction Traffic Management Plan

Main construction works are due to start later in the year, this is dependent on pre-commencement conditions being met which will allow for work to begin. One of these conditions is the agreement of a construction traffic management plan. This outlines how L&Q will manage construction work on plots 53 and 54 and minimise the impact on residents living close by.

To keep you informed about what construction traffic is anticipated from materials and staff coming to site, L&Q has developed a fact sheet that summarises the detail of their emerging construction traffic management plan. You will find this fact sheet here.

This will be used to draft the formal planning submission to Barnet’s planning team, which will be submitted in July. The full draft construction traffic management plan can be found here

Before submitting this document, L&Q welcome your views on the plan. Please contact Simone Taylor at with your comments, or if you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss the details of the draft plan.

Work schedule

Pre-commencement works start: Monday 3 February 2020 for four weeks. Working hours: Working hours will be between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday. Contractors and contact details: Conway Aecom Work includes: - Tree removal: To allow us to start building the replacement homes we will be removing the trees and hedges within the boundary of the development area (as shown by the red line in the diagram below.) Although the main construction work will not start until later in the year, this work needs to be completed before the bird nesting period begins. The trees and hedges will be removed according to approved planning permission, a detailed drawing of the trees and hedges that have approval can be found at the end of this letter. - Installation of timber rail fences: To prevent unauthorised vehicle access on to plot 54, once the trees and hedges are removed timber rail fences will be installed near the kerbside on Brent Terrace where the future homes will be built. This will not affect access along the footpath. As plot 53 has an earth bank to prevent vehicle access the fence is not required here. How will these works affect you? To carry out this work we will have a small number of vehicles on site to remove the trees and hedges and install the timber rail fence. To assist us, if you live on Brent Terrace and opposite plot 54 please park your vehicles outside of properties away from the edge of the site and not on the earth bank. If you live on Clitterhouse Crescent we will be removing the trees and hedges from behind the properties backing on to plots 53 and 54 and will not require access. - Drainage CCTV surveying: In addition to the above works being completed by Conway Aecom, from Monday 3 February to Friday 7 February, L&Q will be carrying out drainage CCTV surveys. A team will be working from the manholes within the road on Brent Terrace, lifting the covers and running a camera via a robotic device between the manholes. The team will have a traffic marshal and barriers in place to help any drivers navigate around the affected area. This will not require the closure of the road. We will write to all affected residents, businesses, schools and facilities to inform them of upcoming works. Advanced warning signs and temporary barriers will also be erected, and notices distributed during the days leading up to the works to remind you of expected work times.