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Plots 53 and 54 are located on Brent Terrace, Cricklewood, NW2. Brent Terrace is a cul-de-sac of residential properties located between Claremont open space and the railway sidings, forming part of the Cricklewood depot. The development will be placed between Brent Terrace and Clitterhouse Crescent. 47 homes will be built with 30 homes on plot 53 and a further 17 homes on plot 54.

A range of two, three, and four-bedroom homes will be built throughout the development. 30 of the homes will be for secure tenants of Whitefield Estate and 16 will be resident leaseholders who wish to enter shared equity ownership with L&Q.

The height of the building will be ground floor plus two storeys. There will between 42-47 parking bays which is roughly one new space for each of the homes. The hedgerow that will be removed to allow for construction will be replaced once the buildings are nearly finished. There will also be a doorstep play area for everyone to use.

Since L&Q was appointed to build the new homes on plot 53 and 54 in October 2018, a detailed design period has begun. Planning permission for the new homes was granted in 2014 and L&Q’s design and technical team are now finalising all the details within the homes and exactly how the buildings will be constructed.

Plot-53-54-overview Plot-53-54-street Plot-53-54-homes

Latest Information

Contractors: L&Q

Construction Traffic Management Plan

An amended construction traffic management plan for Plots 53 and 54 has been submitted to Barnet Council’s planning department for consideration. This outlines how L&Q will manage construction traffic on plots 53 and 54 to minimise the impact on residents living close by.

To keep you informed about what construction traffic is anticipated from materials and staff coming to site, L&Q has developed a fact sheet that summarises the detail of their construction traffic management plan. You will find this fact sheet here.

The application reference is 20/5123/CON

NMA – change to layout of replacement homes

L&Q recently submitted an application (known as a section 96A or ‘Non Material Amendment’) to Barnet Council. This includes some minor changes to the plots and hard and soft landscaping specifications for the replacement homes on Plots 53 and 54.

This Fact Sheet  gives an outline of the details in the application which will be considered by Barnet’s planning team.

There is not a formal consultation process with this application type, however, the application may be viewed using the application Ref. No: 20/5934/NMA where comments can be made in respect of the application.

Start on site

Main work is expected to start on site in the summer. Early works have taken place as outlined below and we expect the site to be secured over the coming months.

Work to install a second alternative footpath has been completed between Brent Terrace and Clitterhouse Crescent. This provides residents with a new pedestrian and cycle pathway, which will remain open for public use until Claremont Park has been completed. Additional safety features have been installed to the existing pathway at the top of Brent Terrace, including a mirror and lighting and some vegetation cut back to improve visibility.

To prepare for the works by L&Q to build new homes on Plots 53 and 54 landscape maintenance has been completed, including pruning trees and hedges, and removing shrubbery located on Plot 54. This work had to be completed before the beginning of the bird nesting period.

Please note that Brent Cross Town’s contractors are also carrying out works in the area. For details on their works, visit the Brent Cross Town page on this website.

L&Q will continue to engage with residents before work starts and throughout the construction process.

Please contact Simone Taylor at STaylor1@lqgroup.org.uk with any questions.