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Waste Transfer Station

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CG image of Brent Cross Waste Transfer Station

As part of the Brent Cross West station programme we are providing a replacement waste facility for the Hendon Waste Transfer Station, the site of which is needed for redevelopment. Operations ceased at Hendon Waste Transfer Station on 31 March 2021, and the site was handed back to Barnet Council on 30 June 2021.

The Brent Cross Waste Transfer Station will accept household waste, street sweepings, recycling and food waste from the seven North London Waste Authority boroughs, but principally Barnet and Camden.

CG image of Brent Cross Waste Transfer Station

The new centre will handle up to 195,000 tonnes of black bag, mixed recycling, food and street cleaning waste each year.

Sustainability will inform the design of the new waste facility, with a ‘brown roof’ providing a haven for local wildlife and supporting local biodiversity such as bumblebees and the Black Redstart. To minimise impact on residents it will have state-of-the-art odour control technology. There will also be green screening to enhance local flora and improve air quality.

Work schedule

McLaughlin & Harvey were appointed as the main works contractor in October 2021

Main works to demolish the unused Hendon Transfer Waste Station, behind Brent Terrace, are expected to take place in 2024 with as minimal disruption as possible.