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Highways improvement works will be carried out by Conway Aecom at the Cricklewood Lane / A5 Edgware Road / Chichele Road junction. These works have been agreed as part of the planning permission for the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration programme.

The main purpose of the improvements works is to deliver additional capacity for vehicles travelling through the junction, particularly from Cricklewood Lane to the east. The improvements include signal modernisation, footway improvements and new controlled pedestrian crossing facilities.

Work schedule

Works commence: Monday 28 September for 12 months

Working hours: Monday to Fridays between 8am to 5pm and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.

From time to time we will need to undertake some overnight working to facilitate changes to the works phase and any carriageway resurfacing works.

Contractors: Conway Aecom

Work programme

The works programme has been planned to provide as little disruption as possible. There will be three key phases of delivery during the works period to keep traffic flowing by limiting the need for traffic management measures such as lane closures.

The key phases are building demolition and pre-commencement works, junction re-alignment works, and carriageway resurfacing works.

You can view an outline presentation of the plans here

In the first phase of the programme we will be preparing for the demolition of the former pharmacy, which will require a one-way road closure of Cricklewood Lane heading towards the A5 Cricklewood Broadway for four weeks.

Traffic management will then return to normal for six months while we demolish the four-storey building above the former Phone City Shop and Casino. The demolition will allow us to widen the highway to provide the essential improvements to the junction.

How will it affect you?

During these works it will be necessary to temporarily close some footpaths. Clear signage and safe pedestrian crossing facilities will always be provided and access to all properties and businesses will be maintained, and they will stay open as usual.

Bus stops will be temporarily relocated or closed to ensure that bus services can still operate as usual during the works. Clear notices with signage will also be provided by TfL. A copy of the bus diversion routes can be found here.

Some parking bays may be suspended for the duration of the works to keep traffic moving safely and to maintain loading / unloading bays for business deliveries.

For questions about these works please contact us.

Work schedule

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