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Highways improvement works were carried out by Conway Aecom at the Cricklewood Lane / A5 Cricklewood Broadway / Chichele Road junction. These works were part of the planning permission for the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration programme.

The main purpose of the improvements works was to deliver additional capacity for vehicles travelling through the junction, particularly from Cricklewood Lane to the east. The improvements included signal modernisation, footway improvements and new controlled pedestrian crossing facilities.


Work schedule

Works completed: November 2021

Contractors: Conway Aecom

Work included:

  • Junction of Cricklewood Lane and Cricklewood Broadway with Chichele Road re-aligned and widened 
  • Demolition of the four-storey building on Cricklewood Lane to allow for the highways widening and essential improvement to the junction. 
  • Installation of new modernised signals  
  • New road markings 
  • New controlled pedestrian crossing facilities 
  • Footway improvements 

Now the demolition is completed the council is considering the future use of the land at the former pharmacy on Cricklewood Broadway and Cricklewood Lane, with proposals due to come forward in the new year. The propping will remain in place until any kind of development comes forward, however, we are currently looking at ways to improve the look of the area in the meantime.