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Name Your Future Building

We Want You To Name Your Future Building For The New Whitefield Estate Replacement Homes Buildings: Plots 53 And 54 (Brent Terrace) And Plot 12 (Brent Cross Town).

We know that the Whitefield Estate has a close community feeling and want to keep the sense of connection between the buildings and the residents’ communities that live there.

That’s why we want you to be part of naming the new buildings, ensuring a common theme runs between the two buildings being built on Brent Terrace (Plots 53 and 54), and the new homes being built in Brent Cross Town (Plot 12).

We also hope this provides a unique opportunity to maintain the strong sense of connection between the two plots and we encourage you to get involved in this consultation again.

Entry submissions are now closed. We will share updates soon.  

What happens when you submit suggestions?

Once we have collected your ideas, we will create a list of potential names for the buildings. This will be sent to Barnet Council’s street naming team to tell us which names can be used based on their rules for street naming in the borough.

The approved list of potential names will then be shared with you to vote for your favourites. The three winning names will then be announced and anyone who suggested a winning name will receive a prize voucher. Terms and Conditions apply, click here to read.

A total prize pot of £200 (in vouchers) will be split between anyone who suggests a name that is chosen for any of the buildings.

If your suggested name and/or theme isn’t chosen this time, it will not be forgotten. It will be added to the list for the naming of other places across the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration area (for example streets, public parks and squares, or other buildings).

Entry submissions closed on Sunday 28 May 2023. We will share updates soon on the next steps. 

Plot 12 pocket park tower view reduced