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Brent Cross Town

Brent Cross Town is the new park town for future London, at the heart of the development. It will be served by the new Brent Cross West station.

CG image of Brent Cross South exterior of buildings with public square

A new high street in the centre of the development will provide a mix of shops and restaurants in attractive new public spaces; it will be a place where people can enjoy spending time both during the week and at the weekend. A cluster of new office buildings around the new Brent Cross West station, as well as flexible small business spaces adjacent to the new high street, will make Brent Cross Town a great place to work or start a business.

It is envisaged that the town will be the place in London to participate in sport and play: with extensive new indoor facilities and enhanced park-land, Brent Cross Town will provide the best of both traditional and emerging sports, working with leading sports organisations, governing bodies and hero ambassadors to help drive sport participation, particularly female participation, and champion diversity and inclusion.

Brent Cross Town will launch a Flourishing Index which will pioneer the measurement of how individuals and communities flourish in a town centre. Partnering with Manchester University and Buro Happold, this represents a landmark, people-focused approach to designing for both physical and mental wellbeing.

The town aims to be a net zero carbon town by 2030 at the latest. This will be achieved by driving down the embodied carbon in buildings and infrastructure, targeting ‘fossil-free’ generation of our on-site energy supplies, and offsetting the remainder.


Brent Cross Town will deliver:

  • Up to 6,700 new homes which will be a mix of affordable homes, rentals and homes for sale
  • A new town centre in the heart of the neighbourhood, with a high street offering a mix of shops, cafés and restaurants
  • New office space (up to 3 million square feet), providing over 25,000 jobs
  • Improved connections, with the new Brent Cross West station connecting to central London and Brent Cross London shopping centre
  • Three schools will be rehoused in brand new buildings, including an expanded Claremont Primary School
  • Better walking and cycle routes
  • New squares, parks with inspiring places for children to play, and green spaces and amenities for people of all ages to enjoy
  • New indoor sports and play facilities.

For image usage requests and media enquiries, please contact transformingbx@barnet.gov.uk

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Work commenced: 2020

Contractors: Galldris Group, Midgard, VolkerFitzpatrick, Henry Construction and Galliford Try

Working hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm. On weekdays, there will be a half hour start-up and shut-down period before and after the working hours.

Current works overview:

  • Construction work across the site continues and we don’t expect work to be any noisier than usual.
  • The construction of the new road at the station interchange and Claremont Road is expected to be completed by the summer. The new road will only open to traffic when Brent Cross West station opens and it will include new bus routes.
  • On Plot 12, the concrete structure is nearing completion, with the brickwork continuing and apartment fit out underway. This building will provide new homes for the existing residents of Norden Point, Clare Point and Whychcote Point in the Whitefield Estate.
  • On Plot 202, the concrete structure is up to the fifth floor, with brickwork starting in the summer.
  • On Plot 203, the concrete base is now complete, with the remainder of the structure to follow.
  • On Plot 13, the first floor is nearing completion.
  • On Plot 25, construction has begun on the student accommodation building at Brent Cross Town, with concrete works up to the third floor. This building is being delivered by Fusion, the specialist student housing provider.
  • On Plot 1, the site of our first office building has been prepared and we are aiming to start construction later this year. This will be the London home of Sheffield Hallam University.
  • Gas works on Claremont Road were completed in June. Further works are planned on Prayle Grove from 14 August to 6 October where the small layby parking area (east of the Marble Drive entrance) will be closed to enable some excavation works.


  • We will be sharing information on our plans for future plots and areas of public realm, including Plot 2 and Plot 22 (later
    living) later this year. We hope that you will get involved in these public consultations and share your views.
  • Thank you to anyone who took part in the Plot 19 consultation. The application has now been approved by Barnet Council and this building will be the second office at Brent Cross Town.
  • The consultation for the Clitterhouse Playing Fields is closed. A decision on the application will be made by Barnet Council
    later this year

We surround any noisy equipment, such as piling rigs and pneumatic drills, with acoustic barriers where possible.

Please see our latest construction update here.

For information about the Brent Cross Town development including forthcoming consultations, and to register for updates, please visit brentcrosstown.co.uk