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Exploratory Park

November 12, 2020

Brent Cross Town may still be under construction but its first green space, the Exploratory Park, has already opened.

The new park is perfect for younger visitors, with a climbing pyramid, seesaw, swings, monkey bars, and a long snaking yellow slide running down the middle.

For older visitors who want to burn off some calories there is an outdoor table tennis, workout equipment, and even a basketball court.

The Park is the vision of local residents who helped design it with East Architects. Safety is a high priority, with clear lines of sight across the park, and green lawns catch the sun while the benches are shaded by trees, with a security guard on duty during daylight hours.

The Exploratory Park sits where the Rosa Freedman Centre and Clarefield Park used to be, just off Claremont Way. Although temporary, it will remain in place for several years until the new and improved Claremont Park opens permanently. Many of the Exploratory’s trees will become part of that new park too.