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Local Business Focus: Junction Café

July 16, 2021

If you’re looking for a family atmosphere, a friendly welcome, and possibly the best full English breakfast in town, then you won’t go far wrong with the Junction Café. 

The popular venue opened almost a quarter of a century ago in Cricklewood Lane, and whilst the area has changed many times since then, the café remains a staple of the area. 

Co-owner Bulent Icoz told us: “It’s always been a working man’s café, but since the pandemic we’ve become a lot more orientated for families and children. What people know us for is our full English breakfast and a great cup of tea – and that’s something everyone can enjoy. 

“The important thing us is always having fresh ingredients. If people know that they’re going to have something tasty and a warm welcome, you know that they’ll be back. 

“We get a lot of construction workers, electricians, removal men, self-employed people – people who work hard and need good food.” 

We spoke to Bulent and manager Husieyin Ucar, who are both Kurds who love both Barnet and the UK in general. 

Husieyin, who lives in Cricklewood, said: “What I enjoy most is that is a very sociable job, and that goes for both customers and staff.  

“When I came here it was mainly Irish people. Then there came a lot of Polish people, then different East Europeans. It’s always changing – but that’s a good thing, it’s vibrant and there’s a real sense of community and togetherness.” 

Bulent added: “Britain has given us everything. They’ve given us safety, a home, and we’ve worked hard for our community. This is somewhere I’m happy to have my children grow up. 

“Everybody gets on and is friendly. People respect each other, both in this country and in this community.” 

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