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A new park town for Barnet, Brent Cross Town

October 5, 2020

It’s been a busy year for the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration programme. Work is well underway on the delivery of the new Brent Cross West Station and highways improvements have been completed at Cricklewood Lane and Claremont Road. Now the vision for Brent Cross Town’s centre has been unveiled by Argent Related and Barnet Council, renaming the scheme Brent Cross Town.

Brent Cross Town will be a new park town for Barnet and future London. Set uniquely around 50 acres of parks and playing fields, the previously underutilised area will be transformed into an inclusive, accessible town centre that will enable new and existing communities to thrive. It will deliver 6,700 new homes and will be a major new office destination providing jobs for 25,000 employees. It will also provide new student accommodation and the redevelopment of three local schools.

Brent Cross Town high street will be connected to the new Brent Cross West Station. Once operational the station will provide a direct link for residents and visitors to central London in 12 minutes*. As well as restaurants and shops, the new high street will include local amenities and services, state-of-the-art sports and leisure facilities, culture and events.

Alongside the vision for Brent Cross Town, Argent Related is making four significant pledges that will delivered as part of the new development:

  • To create the place in London to participate in and play sport: with indoor facilities and 50 acres of parks, Brent Cross Town will provide the best of both traditional and emerging sports, working with leading sports organisations, governing bodies and hero ambassadors to help drive female participation and champion diversity and inclusion.
  • To make a new North London town where all can flourish. Brent Cross Town will launch a Flourishing Index which will pioneer the measurement of how individuals and communities flourish in a town centre and show how places can be designed to improve mental health and wellbeing.
  • To be a net zero carbon town by 2030 at the latest. Partnering with Vattenfall, Brent Cross Town will deliver reliable and affordable zero carbon heating to homes, shops and businesses.
  • To strengthen existing connections, both locally and into Central London; connecting businesses, customers, friends and family.

Nick Searl, Partner of Argent Related and Joint-Lead for Brent Cross Town, says, “This is an exciting moment for us and our partners at Barnet Council. After several years of careful thought and planning it’s a real privilege to set out our vision for Brent Cross Town, a park town that will support the future of London. We will demand the highest commitments to health and wellbeing, sustainability and ensuring flourishing and connected communities – which will be measured with our pioneering Flourishing Index. With so many aspects of our society undergoing change, we will strive to ensure that Brent Cross Town meets the evolving needs of people, business and the environment.”

Councillor Daniel Thomas, Leader of Barnet Council, said “In partnership with Argent Related we are creating a new town for Barnet. Connected by the new Brent Cross West Station and with an ambition to create 25,000 jobs, excellent schools, and world-class facilities, Brent Cross Town will ensure our new and existing communities thrive. The protection and enhancement of acres of existing green space provides the unique opportunity to create an area that has health, wellbeing and sustainability at the heart of its design.

Brent Cross Town is the most ambitious development the borough has ever seen, and it comes at a time where the coronavirus has changed the way we think, feel and what we want from the place we call home; we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to respond to changing needs and attitudes and build a place that is truly fit for the future.”

About the project

Brent Cross Town is the neighbourhood at the heart of the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration programme.  It is a joint venture between Argent Related and Barnet Council, and is one of the long-term regeneration programmes that will deliver much needed housing in the borough.

The new Brent Cross West Station programme, which will provide the gateway to the new development, is being completed by Barnet Council, and funded MHCLG. It is one of the first rail projects in England to be delivered entirely by a local authority in partnership with Network Rail and the Department for Transport, and VolkerFitzpatrick who has been awarded the contract to build the station.

Early enabling infrastructure works for Brent Cross Town began in 2020 and it is expected the first homes and offices will be occupied from 2024. The new Brent Cross West Station is due to be completed in December 2022.

To find out more about the plans for Brent Cross Town visit BrentCrossTown.co.uk