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Next phase of highways improvements begins

July 8, 2021

Highways improvements at Junction 2 are another step closer to completion, after demolition works were completed on Cricklewood Lane. 

This now allows the main highways improvements to take place. Their main purpose is to provide additional capacity for vehicles travelling through the Cricklewood Lane / A5 Cricklewood Broadway / Chichele Road junction, particularly from Cricklewood Lane to the east. 

The improvements include signal modernisation, footway improvements and new controlled pedestrian crossing facilities. 

The demolition work, which began in October 2020, was completed in a controlled and safe manner. 

There has been a slight delay to the programme after a small chamber was found when removing the foundations of the building on Cricklewood Lane. The team hope to make back the lost time while the remaining works take place, which are scheduled for completion in October 2021. 

While the programme takes place access to all properties and businesses will be maintained, and they will stay open as usual. 

Lane closures on the A5 Cricklewood Broadway will remain in place until September, and some footpaths have been temporarily closed. One bus stop has been temporarily closed, in front of the parade of shops on Cricklewood Lane, to ensure that bus services can still operate as usual during the works, with clear signage provided by TfL. 

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