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Plans for student accommodation revealed

August 26, 2021

Plans for the student accommodation in Brent Cross Town have been revealed. 

Glenn Howells Architects has designed the scheme, which will sit on the corner of the new High Street. 

The plans are for a single building, made up for three blocks of varying height. As well as up to 600 student bedrooms, provided as either self-contained studios or within shared student apartments, there will be communal spaces for students including dining rooms, a gym and study rooms. The ground floor will have commercial space for restaurants and cafes. 

There will be space for 497 bicycles for students, including a mix of two-tier racks and Sheffield Stands. 

Student housing will contribute to diversity at Brent Cross Town. Students are likely to visit local shops and businesses and by having a different daily timetable to other residents will help ensure day-long activity around the neighbourhood.” 

The plans are currently out for public consultation as planning application 21/4063/RMA. To see the plans in more detail go here, and to have your say, click on Make A Comment. 

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