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Rainbow Ribbons in Claremont Park

August 5, 2022

The newly opened Claremont Park is now even brighter with a new piece of colourful artwork unveiled at the kiosk.

London-based artist Hanna Benihoud created a new art installation called Rainbow Ribbons which has added an extra pop of colour to the park.  

A wooden kiosk in the park with bright artwork

Inspired by the community and adding a playful touch to the area, Hanna explains: “We wanted the artwork to have a focus on play and sport, so I spent a sunny day in the park with a load of brilliant local children of all ages – from toddlers right through to teenagers – playing with colours and shapes to see what inspired them.” 

Although created by Hanna, the installation represents a team effort from many members of the community. Hanna added: “From local kids, to photographers, to architects and fabricators. Everyone has their hands mould in this piece of artwork”. 

Hanna Benihoud is a former architect turned artist who creates large scale public art that engages with local communities and is committed to adding joy to public spaces through art and design.  

The Rainbow Ribbons artwork is created from steel, and powder-coated in rainbow colours. The ribbons float down in wavy lines in front of the Park’s new ice cream kiosk, Gussy’s Ice Cream Parlour. Gussy’s is a popular family-run parlour which opened in Claremont Park on Thursday 9 June. The parlour is open every day from 10am to 7pm (summer opening times) and serves a range of delicious ice cream, hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks. Find out more about Gussy’s here.   

This is the second piece of new artwork in the town which is part of a series of public artworks aiming to reflect the local identity and culture of the Brent Cross community. The first artwork piece was a mural unveiled last October 2021 on Claremont Way. 

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