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Another Award for the Visitor Pavilion

May 15, 2024

Brent Cross Town’s well-used and popular Visitor Pavilion has won a RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) award, recognising it as one of the best environmentally friendly buildings in the UK.

The RIBA award has been celebrating outstanding work and architecture for over 50 years in the UK. The judges who visited the Visitor Pavilion described the space as being a ‘calm and welcoming space’ for the community. With 28,000 visitors to date, we agree that the Visitor Pavilion has already become a valuable community asset alongside our new Claremont Park.

An important requirement to win this award is being built in a sustainable way, something which the Visitor Pavilion has excelled in. For example, the building has been constructed using cross-laminated timber (CLT). CLT cuts carbon emissions as it is made of renewable wood – often from reforestation – produces low waste, and provides excellent insulation, so buildings made with CLT are naturally more energy efficient from the get-go.

We’re proud of this award as anyone who has been to Brent Cross Town would have visited the Visitor Pavilion, whether that is to learn more about the Brent Cross Town development, see the 3-D model or attend a community event. The Visitor Pavilion has been an important space for the local community, inviting people to get together for multiple events, including a monthly resident drop-in session, a ukulele workshop, consultation sessions, skills and employment workshops or one of the exciting and fun activities that take place during school holidays such as movie screenings, yoga sessions and more.

The wonderful welcome hosts are also a huge part of what makes the Visitor Pavilion a welcoming space, and they are happy to assist you with your queries.

The Visitor Pavilion is open every day from 10am to 6pm and is located at 145 Claremont Road, London, NW2 1FE. You can get in touch by email on visit@brentcrosstown.co.uk or telephone on 020 3319 0728.